For a relaxed weekend, long holidays or a digital nomad retreat, Villa Alentejo is the perfect destination for your next trip.
With 4 bedrooms and ready to host up to 8 guests, reach out to the hosts to check availability

Living room and TV

This is the best room in the house. You can enjoy Alentejo nature panoramic view and watch TV in the available Smart TV all from the comfort of the sofa. 

Feel free to configure your favourite
Streaming account
or watch the available national and international live TV channels

The Patio

With a breathtaking view and atmosphere, here you can enjoy the best that Alentejo and it's nature has to offer while relaxing in silence and staying away from the noise.

Villa Alentejo

Pool area
30 meters from the house

There's a common pool with WC facilities just 30 meters  away from the Villa. 
Please use the facilities with care and respect to other pool guests.

Parking for up to 4 cars

There's a parking space in the villa driveway for up to 4 cars.
Attention: It is absolutely forbidden to park in the grass.

External blinds

The Living Room is installed with external blinds to keep the sun and heat away.

Sometimes there are windy afternoons with gusts that can damage the blinds. Please only open the necessary to provide shade and retract once you're not using them.
Any damage to the blinds due to wind are your responsibility and will be charged

We're sorry but we do not allow pets

During your stay...

Is forbidden to:
* Park on top the grass or outside the designated area on the villa
* Make noise that can disturb nearby neighbours

* Leave trash outside the trashcans, including the recycle bins
Is allowed to:
* Enjoy your stay and have fun while following the rules

You will be accountable for any damage and costs associated to misuse or disrespect of the rules.